Leap-frogging the African electricity grid with solar – EURACTIV.com

Mobile phone technology made landlines obsolete in sub-Saharan Africa years before Europeans began to give up their home handsets. Now a raft of energy companies believe that renewable energy, particularly off-grid and pay-as-you-go, will enable African countries to ‘leapfrog’ the grid.

“We’ve been doing pay-as-you-go since around 2012,” Ned Tozun, co-founder of D-Light, tells EURACTIV.

“And we’ve really been able to get to a significant scale on the market and have now introduced a product that includes TV and radio, multiple lights and really giving customers an experience that is closer and closer to what the grid is like.”

The World Energy Network states that €340 billion of investment will be needed to achieve universal access to electricity across…

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