Leader Named ‘Roosevelt’ Leads Caribbean Nation in Banning Plastics and Styrofoam

After a tropical storm brought a tidal wave of plastic debris and garbage bobbing along the Caribbean island’s famously beautiful shoreline, Dominica, joined the global fight to combat ocean pollution with a bold proclamation.

By January of 2019, the nation plans on eliminating common plastics, such as single-use straws, and Styrofoam food items.

The aptly-named Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit claims that the ban will aid in the restoration of more remote regions, as better solid waste management practices are put into effect.

Sharing more similarities with the former American president than just his name, Skerrit also displayed his devotion to the natural landscape of his country. He said at a budget meeting in June that “Dominica prides itself as the ‘Nature Isle,’” and his…

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