Lars Sullivan Says Some African Americans Want A Piece Of “Pity Pie” & Immigrants Just Want “Free Stuff”

Lars Sullivan is primed and ready to come into the WWE main roster and receive a huge push. But recently, it has come to our attention that he used to frequent a message board where he was quite outspoken and some of the things he said weren’t the wisest things to put online.

In April 2011, Lars Sullivan posted a rather controversial political message on that bodybuilding message board. In it, he not only gave his opinion that “some blacks want to take advantage of their great grandparent’s misfortunes,” but he also went on to give his two cents on immigration and he had quite a controversial view of the entire situation as well.

“Some blacks want to take advantage of their great grandparent’s misfortunes, and they want a piece of the pity pie. Instead of taking some personal…

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