Lagos designers champion ‘unapologetically African’ fashion – SABC News

“You have to struggle so hard to make your voice heard, that’s why Lagos will always stand out,” model Larry Hector told AFP about Nigeria’s gritty yet unquestionably glamorous megacity Lagos.

The statuesque 20-year-old dressed in all-white was standing backstage at the Lagos Fashion Week on Friday evening surrounded by a dizzying array of lush fabrics and gazelle-legged models.

A generator throbbed in the background — the answer to Nigeria’s erratic power supply network and a symbol of perseverance in the face of adversity.

“We’re always pushing for something we haven’t seen before, something that’s out of this world,” Hector said.

“Now we have international people, starlets, celebrities from Paris, Milan, New York, everyone is coming to see what Lagos is…

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