Kurova guva: Vital African ritual

August is an important month.

It is the month when Zimbabweans remember fallen heroes who perished during the liberation struggle.

The month is also important for the Shona people as it is the time for rituals such as kurova guva, magadziro or kuchenura.

Kurova guva is done six months to two years after burial.

This religious practice has its origins in Shona people’s traditional beliefs.

The ritual is performed for the departed spirit to be brought home, so it does not wander around.

It is believed the spirit of the deceased will be homeless because it is neither in the world of the ancestors nor a member of the community of the living.

This homelessness causes restless.

If the rituals are not done on time, the dead person, it is claimed, becomes a ghost or ‘chipoko’ which…

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