Korryn Gaines Not Just Another Angry Black Woman

Korryn GainesIsn’t it funny how Black women who stand up for their rights by confronting injustice in are always labeled in the media as “angry Black women”? They are never attributed human qualities such as; stressed, depressed, or suicidal. No, those qualities are reserved for the privileged races. So, like rabid dogs the only solution for an angry Black woman is to be put down. Can any MF dispute the fact that was put down like a rabid dog?

The police saw as a loudmouth, trouble-making threat who took pride in exercising her rights while embarrassing them so they stoked her fire in order to extinguish it. Apparently it worked so well that even a lot of Black people are against her. The police know the current social environment between Black people and them is a volatile one but they know how to handle threats and kill even when people are watching as they yell “stop resisting” or “drop the weapon”.

The point is, may not understand but Black women have a lot to be angry about. They spend a lot of preoccupied with their looks because considers them the least attractive. They sacrifice fun to get educated because education is not reserved for oppressors alone. They also sacrifice their lives to raise children who they hope someday will grow to live a better than they do. All these things create and build stress within Black women. They suffer from some of ’s deadliest illnesses often because they sacrifice their to either look good, compete in the workplace, or provide for their families.

They say Korryn had mental issues. Does anyone know if she was diagnosed and if so was she getting treatment? I hate when people overlook mental illness because it isn’t Cancer, Diabetes, or a broken leg. may have had her issues but there is no excuse for her death. Society needs to stop labeling Black women as “angry” so they can be dismissed as having no worth. It starts with us as Black people to value our strong Black women.