Know Your Gullibility Level

True or False; Cattle in the U.S. beef industry are routinely fed chicken poop, animal blood, expired household pets and other undesirable food sources.

If your response to the above statement was (True) congratulations, you are not as as most people. However, this is just one of the questions you can find in the online gullibility test which will determine if you are a Free Thinker, a learner or a total mind-slave to the world around you. You can do the simple test here 

What is gullibility? Gullibility is ignorance, not illiteracy because there are lots of illiterate people who have lots of common-sense. Common-sense is related to being wise and therefore not . Ignorance, on the other hand, is simply knowing, yet ignoring to know, and this is where one gets trapped in gullibility.

In order to fully understand gullibility we must first understand how gullibility relates to the 3 major brain functions; Time, magnetism, and .

Time and timing is crucial because timing creates relationships between mind and brain by accessing, retrieving and implementing on a timely manner. is not a factor because electricity initiates how thoughts are formed and also aids dynamic reasoning in action potential.

Like Timing, gullibility is akin to Magnetism. Magnetism builds on the status quo, which is a state of actions that currently exist. A person with a status quo mentality will take current ideas and merely add his own ideas on them rather than to find new ideas. This strategy results in a lazy mind that is unwilling to find , thereby unquestionably accepting what one is told.

If you are a very person you can you reverse it. The best way to reverse gullibility is to become informed about the world around you. You can begin by asking more questions about in general. Question your teachers, your , and things that do not make sense in your reality. Question the News and sources. Your brain will begin to function more efficiently and you will begin to lower your gullibility level.