Ken Chenault on leadership and success at American Express

Ken Chenault is one of America’s most respected CEOs, the former boss of no less a corporate titan than American Express. This morning CBS News Special Correspondent James Brown talks with Chenault about his road to the corner office:

It’s a big day at American Express’ world headquarters in New York. After 37 years (the last 17 as Chairman and CEO), this is Ken Chenault’s last day, and thousands of employees have shown up to say goodbye. 

He is a rock star to the green-card faithful, and their preternaturally calm leader stands up for hours patiently taking selfies.

“Ken has been an incredibly empathetic and amazing leader,” says Penny Szeta. “He’s really a man of the people.”

Jackie Granchamps adds, “He’s a celebrity!”

Chenault admits that all of this can be a bit overwhelming: “To hear people…

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