Kanye West Rented Out Entire African Safari Lodge, Closed to Public

Kanye West wants to find his roots in Africa while recording his new album, but he’s in de-NILE if he thinks shutting down a luxury resort for a week is a truly authentic experience.

Ye has landed in Uganda, and along with Kim Kardashian and the kids, they are going to spend the week vacationing in a five-star luxury resort which rests above the bank on the Nile River.

The front desk receptionist at the Chobe Safari Lodge tell The Blast the entire resort is “closed to the public” until October 19. They confirmed that Kanye West rented the entire joint for the week, and made it clear he didn’t want anyone bothering him or his guests.

During Ye’s most recent media stunt at the White House, he spoke on heading to Africa to get in touch with the energy that he expects the area will…

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