Just 1% of TV actors are Middle Eastern and North African, study finds

actors of Middle Eastern descent are pictured from left to right:
Egyptian-American actor Rami Malek, who stars on “Mr. Robot,”
Turkish-American actor Ennis Esmer, who stars in “Red Oaks,” and
Iranian-American actress Necar Zadegan, who stars in
“Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.”


  • A new study has found that actors of Middle Eastern and North
    African (MENA) descent only make up 1% of series regular actors
    on television.
  • The study also reports that 90% of the TV shows that do have
    MENA actors only have one, which the authors say “increases the
    potential for tokenization.”
  • Most characters (78%) are trained terrorists/agents/soldiers
    or tyrants, the study found, “exacerbating…

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