Jury to decide if African woman brought to Southlake home to work without pay was ‘slave’ or considered part of fam…

Diallo, whose citizenship status remains uncertain, said during cross-examination that she talked about restitution with a federal agent but is not expecting any money from the criminal case.

Her mother said the same.

“I don’t know anything about money. I only want my daughter,” Maladho Diallo testified.

The trial highlights the tough choices facing a rural village girl in Africa, which often consist of being married off to an older man she doesn’t know or going to America for long hours of domestic work.

In this case, however, the defense said Diallo was merely doing routine house chores that were also required of the Toure children. They said she betrayed and has tried to “destroy the family that took her in at the request of her father for a better life in the United States.”…

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