John Cleese is moving to the Caribbean because of Brexit and the press

English actor John Cleese has said that he is moving to the Caribbean in November because he is “so disappointed” with Brexit and the state of the UK.

The 78-year-old told BBC Two’s Newsnight that his “particular beef” is with the “lying and triviality” of British newspapers.

Speaking to Emily Maitlis, he said: “I think you said I’m threatening to leave. I actually am leaving. I am so disappointed with so much about this country at the moment.”

The Monty Python star said he is leaving because he is “very disappointed in how the country is run”.

‘Lying and trivial press’

On Brexit, the actor said: “The right-wing press lined up against it and people didn’t understand it and were convinced by their arguments,

“It was awful… There were dreadful lies on the…

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