Jersey Coastguard help in ‘search and rescue’… in the Caribbean

On Monday, the Cross Antilles Guyane coastguard in the island of Martinique received an EPIRB detection – an automatic distress signal – from a vessel which had a Jersey address and telephone number listed as its emergency contact details.

As the details were out of date, the agency contacted Jersey Coastguard, who discovered that the listed contact details were for the vessel’s previous owner.

In a Facebook post, Jersey Coastguard said: ‘Luckily the details of the new owner had been saved by the international brokerage who sold the vessel and they were happy to share this information in light of it being a search and rescue incident. This information was given to Jersey Coastguard who relayed it to Cross Antilles Guyane.

‘It transpired the vessel had actually been lost at sea a year…

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