Jane Fishman: Woman remembers integrating Georgia Southern in 1965 – Entertainment & Life – Savannah Morning News

Clavelia Love Brinson does not pull any punches. Why should she? She’s seen it all. Been there, done that.

In 1965, she and four others were the first African-American students to enroll at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro. All five graduated, something the university honored with a historic marker in May 2017.

None of it was easy, says Clavelia, who just turned 72.

Let’s start with her name. Her professors called her Sherry. No reason, she said, raising her eyebrows, shrugging her shoulders, as if to say, “Who can explain that?” She gave the same gesture when remembering a teacher who doubted she knew what a mathematical induction was, even after she covered the blackboard with statistics. “He stood there and said, ‘Sherry, there’s no way in west hell you’d…

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