It’s Nice That | Eddie Wrey photographs the women of West African market Adjamé

Whilst on a commercial assignment in the Ivory Coast, photographer Eddie Wrey entered a small, roofed marketplace to source some props. In this market he became transfixed by the sight of laden ladies filtering effortlessly through the ordered chaos like floating sculptures. Dressed in well-worn Burberry polos, Malian burkhas, and waxes in bright and primary colours, it was as if these women had condensed full department stores into neat piles and stacked them into washing bowls. Once these bowls were skilfully balanced on top of the women’s heads, the store was open for business.

Their produce swayed from side to side but miraculously never tumbled to the ground. Bras overflowed from these bowls like a cascade of colourful hair; towers of pineapples were piled back-breakingly high; and…

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