Israel protests by Eritrea, Sudan migrants paint faces white to protest Rwanda deportation — Quartz

Israel stayed true to its promise of arresting and deporting African migrants last week after it detained seven Eritreans who refused to be deported to Rwanda.

Two refugee rights groups, the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants and Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylums seekers in Israel (ASSAF), said authorities handed the asylum seekers “deportation notices” and imprisoned them at the Saharonim prison in the south of Israel.

To protest the deportation, inmates at the Holot prison in the Negev desert first embarked on a hunger strike. African migrants also went out into the streets, protesting in front of embassies like that of Rwanda, and hoping to pressure officials to end their expulsion. Some of those demonstrating also painted their faces white, suggesting they were being sent…

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