Is The Fate Of N’Jadaka Also The Fate Of African Americans?

While watching Black Panther, my mind, body, soul and spirit were transported to an amazing afro-futuristic, sci-fi world beyond my wildest dreams. I was brought into a world that I, like many others, wish existed — a world where the Wakandans shielded themselves from the atrocities of a white supremacist world; a world where an African nation could exist without the evils of colonization and chattel slavery.

As the film began to play, my body could hardly control its excitement; my cheeks still hurt from smiling at all of the wondrous melaninated skin that was gracing the screen. There were references of blackness legitimately for us by us. From Shuri making fun of T’Challa’s sandals by yelling “What are those?!,” to the sound and pace of the drums from scene to scene, to the wide array of…

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