In ‘Dr. Phil’ show, black teen insists she’s white, says African-Americans are ‘ugly’

Image: YouTube/Dr. Phil

Teenagers may experience an identity crisis during their adolescence. The combination of developmental changes in puberty and the need to contemplate the values and roles provided by society may leave one uncertain in who one really is. For a 16-year-old African-American teenager, however, her identity crisis does not involve her confusion on her potential social role; rather, she believes she is by blood a Caucasian and thinks black people are ugly.

In an episode of  United States television show “Dr. Phil” uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday, Oct. 24, the show’s host Dr. Phillip C. McGraw encountered Treasure, a black teen wholly invested in the idea that she is white.

“I know a lot of people take issues with my beliefs. I’m white,” she asserted.


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