In 100 A.D., this African tribe cleverly invented carbon steel

As far back in history as 100 A.D., the Haya people of Tanzania began making steel.  Elders were usually in charge of making the metal and used mud and grass to produce carbon. The carbon was then used with iron over an open hearth furnace to produce steel. The quality of the steel made was said to rival that made in Europe several centuries later. Hence, the Haya were able to formulate newer forms of pottery.

Haya house…Tanzania High Commission

Apart from making iron, the Haya were also cultivators of banana, beans, coffee, tea, plantain and maize.  The land was kept fertile by using cattle manure – especially to grow bananas. They traded coffee before the arrival of Europeans on their land.

The Haya also engaged in the animal rearing of cattle and goats and are known…

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