I’m glad Melania Trump is in Africa, but her trip won’t change anything (opinion)

That’s how The Associated Press described the trip. At first, I was ready to spring into action to destroy this problematic framing — a four-country tour is not “every corner.” Malawi, one of the countries she is visiting, is actually more in the southeastern middle of Africa than in a corner, per se. And as for “vast and impoverished,” that’s just lazy, stereotypical and clichéd.

But then I realized that her trip — and the reporting around it — doesn’t actually enrage me enough to write a scathing review.

In fact, everything around it is, well, boring. But it’s not only boring; it’s a waste of US taxpayer money and a waste of African time and attention.

In Kenya, where I am from, she will reportedly take that very well-worn VIP circuit in Nairobi, making the same familiar stops — a…

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