If DStv hikes prices in 2019 we are cancelling – South African subscribers

South African DStv subscribers have overwhelmingly stated that if DStv increases prices in 2019, they will cancel their accounts.

This is according to results from a DStv survey MyBroadband ran at the end of October 2018.

The survey was taken by 7,036 MyBroadband readers and forum members, a tech-savvy and informed segment of the South African population.

Signing up for DStv

Of the participants who took the survey, 79% were current or former DStv subscribers, while 21% were not subscribers.

The non-subscriber respondents were then asked if they planned to sign up for a DStv package this year. Their feedback was:

  • Yes – 21%
  • No – 74%
  • Unsure – 5%

Respondents who were active subscribers were then asked the big question: If DStv hikes prices in 2019, will they cancel their account?


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