If African-Americans are being disenfranchised it’s because they’re too dumb to follow directions

A Georgia voter suggested to MSNBC over the weekend that if African-Americans were being disenfranchised in the 2018 midterms it is because they are “unable to follow instructions.”

At a Saturday event for Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp (R), MSNBC’s Katy Tur spoke to a woman named Rachel who said that she supported Republican candidates because they have made the state friendly for businesses.

Tur pointed out to Rachel that alleged voter suppression in Georgia had become a national issue.

“Are you worried that it’s damaged the perception of this state?” Tur asked the Republican voter.

“I live in Gwinnett County and it’s sort of been ground zero for some of that,” Rachel remarked. “I am very close to the Gwinnett elections board. I have watched how they process…

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