I Want Two Wives

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I want two wives! This has been the desire of most men since creation but most men cannot say that out loud for fears of appearing immoral. But why do most men “want” more than one wife?

The keyword here is “want” which is associated with its mother word “Desire”. Desire is the Achilles Heel of human behavior. It’s the main preoccupation of religious teachings as is evident in The Lord’s Prayer;

The Lord is my Sheppard, I shall not want”.

In context the line is an affirmation for the sayer that they will commit to the Lord for him to be their (guiding force) to help them override all their seemingly uncontrollable (desires).

What is the driving force of our wants? Is it a Devil that is constantly poking us to “do what we want” regardless of society’s morals?

NO! The true master of our desires is the entity Life. Life forces us to multiply through internal mechanisms in our brains that target our desires. It is only the human Conscience that regulates and controls human desire so most men are not compelled to take advantage of women.

As stated before, human desire is the hardest thing to control so when traditional morals failed religion stepped in to provide guidance. Eventually governments grew stronger than religion but laws based on religion were installed to maintain control over human behavior.

As more societies open their laws to Polygamy desire driven men will rejoice at the thought of experiencing more pleasure. At the same time the sexually perverted who desire child sex, same sex, and fetish sex will fight for recognition under the guise of “Human Rights”.

Having two or multiple wives is not wrong but having one wife is a form of self discipline like fasting and praying. For the religious it is a covenant with their god that they intend to stay faithful to their partner as an example of the faith that they hold for their god.

So while I might want two wives my Conscious mind recognize that polygamy as just another exercise in self discipline that I don’t need. Pleasure is a reward that serves many purposes. Uncontrolled it can lead to addictions of all kinds. Life created the mechanism that uses pleasure to reward desire but if it didn’t recognize its mistakes LIfe wouldn’t be on a quest for perfection.

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