Hulk Hogan: How African American WWE superstars reacted to legend’s return – Mark Henry | WWE | Sport

Hogan was let go from WWE and taken off the Hall of Fame three years ago after a leaked tape from 2007 showed him making racist remarks.

The Hulkster expressed his remorse and was recently reinstated in the company but public opinion still seems to be split.

Henry has heard from black wrestlers who are still angry at the 12-time world champion and some who are willing to forgive him.

The World’s Strongest Man insists that it is up to the ex-WWE Champion to regain every African American wrestler’s respect.

The two-time world champion told Heavy: “There’s been a mixed bag on how to resolve it.

“I’ve had people being like, ‘To hell with him’ and I’ve had people going, ‘You know what, if he do this and he do that, OK.’

“It’s up to him. It’s not up to me.”

Henry advised Hogan…

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