How to receive an insult as black African and keep negotiating with smile

Someone has said, and I think it is true, there is no true history. History is often the result of our selective and collective amnesia. In this regard, there is none to whom our history has been so unkind to as it has been to K.A Gbedemah. His efforts in our independence movement are often overshadowed by Nkrumah. We credit Nkrumah with the Akosombo Dam but perhaps, it is to Gbedemah that the credit belongs to.

The Volta River Dam was not the brainchild of Nkrumah in the way our history books emphasise. It had been in the offing for a while, at least since the 1920s. The British wanted cheap power to refine Ghana’s bauxite into aluminium to feed the empire’s industries. Even as independence beckoned, the enthusiasm of the British did not dim and the dam may well have been built as…

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