How to get a new South African passport in one day – Be a Gupta

Atul and Rajesh Gupta each have multiple South African passports, meaning they can travel abroad for years to come.

This is according to a report by Rapport, which stated that Home Affairs records show Atul has three valid passports and Rajesh has six.

Ajay Gupta’s wife Chetali was sent her third passport three weeks ago – it was shipped to Dubai.

The news comes after Ajay fled South Africa following a shift in political power in the country and criminal charges against him looming.

The report further stated that on 3 November, when “there were widespread calls for the Guptas to be prosecuted”, the Department of Home Affairs issued two passports to Rajesh.

“Both passports were maxi-passports with 48 pages, instead of the ordinary 32 pages,” stated the report.

The two…

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