How much do you know about your family tree?

Have you seen commercials for ancestry and other ways to find your family tree? Well, for African Americans, it’s not always that easy.

Typically, records aren’t necessarily kept for African Americans before 1870, but ABC10’s Keristen Holmes found out it’s not impossible and there is help.

“I can’t really say ‘Oh that evil slave owner, he did this that and the other, he’s my great grandfather'”, said Denise Griggs.

That’s just a piece of the puzzle that Griggs found out when she went digging in her family’s history. As a black woman, she thought she knew where the story would end, but she says, “Things are not always what it’s said to be, or appears to be. We weren’t enumerated by our names until 1870, but there are so many other avenues to look at.”

Griggs is talking about…

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