How do South African driving fines compare to the world?

GoCompare has researched 31 OECD member countries (and South Africa) and ranked their varying costs of driving fines (with no added surcharges) based on:

  • Speeding 21km/h (approx 13mph) over the limit 
  • Using a mobile phone while driving
  • Driving a red light


Based on the amount of money, in Rand, Poland is the cheapest country and Norway is the most expensive. South Africa is the 8th cheapest place to get a fine for speeding.

  1. Poland R 356,65
  2. Lithuania R 463,72
  3. Czech Republic R 607,63
  4. Latvia R 618,23
  5. Luxembourg R 757,28
  6. Austria R 772,75
  7. Portugal R 927,26
  8. South Africa R1 000,00
  9. Slovak Republic R1 081,77
  10. Germany R1 081,77

However, if figures are based on percentage of earnings,
South Africa is rated just outside of the top 10 most expensive countries:

  1. Estonia, 31.75% (of average monthly salary)
  2. Norway,…

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