#HeritageMonth: African fashion with a modern flair

September is Heritage Month when people celebrate their cultures and diversity. More and more designers are making it a priority to include Afro-infused garments as part of their collections.

Here are some South African designers that draw inspiration from our colourful cultures.

Maxhosa by Laduma

Laduma Ngxokolo has earned his bragging rights. His knitwear range, which celebrates Xhosa traditional aesthetics, got him international recognition, with stars like Beyoncé and Alicia Keys donning his designs.

Tendy: Off shoulder Maxhosa by Laduma dress. Picture: SDR. 

Alvada Creations

Alvada Creations was formed by Tshukudu Phasha and brings a modern twist to African designs. In June, the Limpopo-born designer showcased at Torino Fashion Week in Italy and wowed with her Venda-inspired…

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