Have you seen Bowserita? African Desert Tortoise is on the run


We’ve all seen photos of missing dogs and cats. But a big tortoise? That’s a new one.

Bowserita, an African Desert Tortoise, is missing in the Five Points area of Huntsville. (Contributed photo/Clare Shannon) 

Bowserita, an African Desert Tortoise owned by Dr. Clare Shannon of Linderman Animal Hospital, is apparently on the lam from her home in the Five Points area of Huntsville. She’s been missing about a week.

Bowserita weighs about 13 pounds. Dr. Shannon adopted her after she was brought into her clinic as a rescue.

“She has a pyramid shell and a dent in the left side due to poor nutrition when she was a baby tortoise,” Shannon said.

Social media posts and fliers are up in the hunt for Bowserita.

Dr. Shannon said if someone finds her it’s OK to pick her…

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