Global Citizen Beyoncé and Jay-Z fans mugged in South Africa — Quartz Africa

Beyoncé and Jay-Z did not disappoint fans who waited all day to see the superstar couple perform at the Global Citizen concert in Johannesburg on Sunday (Dec. 2). The euphoria of the star-studded festival quickly faded as concert-goers were targeted by robbers as they left the stadium.

The concert was aimed at raising funds to end poverty, while celebrating the centenary of former president Nelson Mandela’s birth. Along with superstar acts, Oprah, Bob Geldof, early Facebook investor Sean Parker and various political dignitaries took the stage to champion various causes.

Still, in the days and hours leading up the concert, it was the Carters who hogged the spotlight, even as they tried to stay low-key around Johannesburg. It was the first time the couple have performed on the African…

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