Gigaba insists Ajay is not South African, but India’s government says otherwise | News | National

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba reaffirmed in Parliament on Tuesday that Ajay Gupta is not a South African citizen, but the Indian government has contradicted him in a statement on the same day, saying that all three Gupta brothers do not have Indian citizenship.

Atul and Tony Gupta both have South African citizenship and carry South African passports, but Ajay Gupta was not granted citizenship because he refused to renounce his Indian citizenship, according to Gigaba.

Gigaba spoke on the issue around the Guptas’ naturalisation as South African citizens during his appearance at the Parliamentary inquiry into the maladministration of state-owned entities.

“Yes, Atul Kumar Gupta is a South African citizen, naturalised in 2002 when I was not even a member of Parliament,” Gigaba said.


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