‘Get me out of here!’ says Arcata’s McKinley statue – Times-Standard

Michael Winkler (“Arcata voters, vote yes on M and keep our statue!”, Times-Standard, Sept. 8, Page A4) and the supporters of Measure M turned a deaf ear to the voices of dozens of indigenous and African American residents who spoke respectfully at the City Council hearings this past spring and summer asking that the McKinley statue be removed from the center of the plaza. He seems to think he knows more than African Americans themselves. Our local NAACP submitted a letter this year supporting the removal of the statue. I offer here a historical document to bring to question Winkler’s narrow portrayal. Folks can read the document in full at https://bit.ly/2OfTN12: “ … and you have seen our sufferings, witnessed from your high place our awful wrongs and miseries, and yet you have at…

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