‘Gary Simmons: Fade to Black’ at California African American Museum

The California African American Museum is hosting “Gary Simmons: Fade to Black.” The exhibition, first for the artist at Los Angeles, will be on view through December 21, 2018.

For “Fade to Black,” Simmons’s canvas is five large 440-square-foot walls in CAAM’s grand lobby. The site-specific painting includes titles of vintage silent films that feature all–African American casts.

Gary Simmons is an American artist from New York City with an MFA degree from CalArts. In his paintings and drawings, he references to film, architecture, and American popular culture that address the subjects of race, class, and memory.

“Much of Simmons’s work centers on his signature erasure techniques. Early in his career, he drew in white chalk on readymade chalkboards or directly onto…

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