For Africa, the dispossession of land is the original sin

During the Middle Ages (500-1500), African people in central and southern Africa had already founded what were known as the Sudanic states.
These were theocratic states held together by a spiritual ideology which held that human races were born of one god and that their mother was the moon (ma/maia) and their father was the sun (RA). All human races, black and white, were born of the union (mara/maria) of the moon(ma/maia) and the sun (RA).

This sun-centred philosophy did not admit of racism, patriarchy and inequality of races and sexes. The rulers of these Sudanic states were women and/or men who were sacred (or divine) rulers.

The rulers founded empires such as the Zandjii Monomugi Bakongo, Mapungubwe and Great Zimbabwe.The sacred (or divine) rulers of these empires regarded the land as the…

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