First African-American Drafted in the NFL George Taliaferro Dies at 91

We always praise Jackie Robinson, and rightfully so. He was the man to break the color barrier in baseball and paved the way for an uncountable amount of boys and girls for years to come. 

What we fail to do is acknowledge the excellence of the man who did the same thing for the NFL, George Taliaferro.

It is a shame that his milestone has to be brought up in death, but the first man to ever be drafted into the NFL has passed away at the age of 91. 

What an incredibly long life for a man who has done more than enough over the years. 

Taliaferro entered the NFL in 1949 when he was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 13th round. He earned the right to be drafted into the league due to his excellence at the University of Indiana. As a Hoosier, he was an All-American three times. 

His success…

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