Final Three Stacks are Level | 2018 Caribbean Poker Party

Roger Teska doubled up through Paul Tedeschi in a sick cooler spot with both players holding premium pocket pairs preflop. Teska was able to pull out the win, leaving Tedeschi on crumbs.

With the action folded to Tedeschi in the small blind, he moved all in with {2-Diamonds}. Steve O’Dwyer called in the big with {k-Spades}{7-Hearts}, holding two live cards. The flop of {j-Clubs}{7-Spades}{2-Clubs} favored O’Dwyer with a pair of sevens. The turn was the {10-Spades} and the river brought the {3-Diamonds} to send Tedeschi home in fourth place.

The remaining three players are all guaranteed to take home at least $1,000,000 but there is still plenty to play for. Teska has moved into second place and narrowed the gap on O’Dwyer, making it anyone’s game from here.

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