Fatal crashes reveal plight of Italy’s African laborers

FOGGIA, Italy (Reuters) – Smears of blood and oil mark the spot on the road where a van full of migrant farm laborers slammed into an oncoming truck and somersaulted across the tarmac on Aug. 6, killing 12 of the men packed inside.

An African migrant labourer uses his mobile phone at the camp known as the “Great Ghetto”, near Foggia, Italy August 7, 2018. Picture taken August 7, 2018. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Just 48 hours earlier, a near identical crash on a neighboring road killed four other African workers as they too returned home from a grueling day harvesting tomatoes in this sun-roasted corner of southern Italy.

The twin tragedies – so close together and with such a high death toll – have brought into focus the dire working and living conditions imposed on thousands of migrant…

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