‘Fashion is who we are:’ Designers of African heritage shine at Sask. show – Saskatchewan

Both Fatouma Tshiswaka and Sandra Mushale were inspired by fashion from a young age.

They have watched their mothers sew, carefully mending and making clothes, since they were children.

Tshiswaka’s mother would bring fabrics home for her, and she began making her own clothes.

“I would design, I would draw some stuff, I would show it to my mom [to see] if it was right,” she said in conversation with Saskatchewan Weekend.

Mushale’s mom is a tailor.

“I was fascinated just seeing how dedicated she was to sewing and making clothes,” Mushale said.  

“That’s when I really got the taste of fashion.”

Journey to fashion

Both Mushale and Tshiswaka were born in Congo-Kinshasa and moved to the neighbouring Zambia, Mushale as a young teen and Tshiswaka when she was a young adult.  

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