[Fashion Finds] Chi Atanga’s Walls of Benin loungewear championing luxury with African prints

Pajamas, pyjamas or pj’s as it is referred to is loungewear that was introduced to England in the 17th century.  The origin of pj’s can be traced back to the Indian subcontinent.  Pyjama is a Hindu word itself borrowed from the Persian language that translates to leg garment. Pajamas became popular in the United States in the earlier portion of the 20th century.

Models wearing Walls of Benin attire…BellaNaija Style

The Brand

Loungewear isn’t usually identical to luxury, however, Chi Atanga is out to change the norm. His line named Walls of Benin aims to “upgrade African print” by producing its own material while designing fabulous pajamas; pj’s that can be worn outside the home.

Walls of Benin uses silk and Tencel produced in Portugal to create its nightwear line. Initially a…

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