Family Brings West African Dance to American City

In West Africa, dancing is an important part of many family traditions.

An ocean away, in the United States, a German-Jamaican-American family has made performing those dances part of their tradition.

Keur Khaleyi brings West African dance performances and classes to Baltimore. (Keur Khaleyi)

Their family name is Von Hendricks. Six years ago, two sisters and their brother formed an African dance company. They named it “Keur Khaleyi,” which means the House of Children in Wolof, a language in Senegal.

The group is based in the eastern U.S. city of Baltimore, Maryland. Its members perform in local and national festivals. They also recently set up a school to teach dance moves to others.

At first, the dance company was made up of two dancers, sisters Jihan and Ayana, and their…

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