Faction of ‘white South African guards’ promoted apartheid at Iraqi army base – report

(Original story written by Zack Kopplin and Irvin McCullough for the Daily Beast)

An investigative report into an air base in Iraq, where a US government sponsored military contractor was paid to provide security, has uncovered a number of irregular and sinister practices, including a racist “apartheid” culture perpetrated by South Africans employed as guards.

According to the Daily Beast report, military contracting company Sallyport Global has received over $1bn from the US government since January 2014 to provide “security, life support, training and other basic operations at Balad Air Base” in Iraq.

The report states that Sallyport employs around 1 850 people at Balad to run what is essentially a “small army of private contractors” recruited from around the world.

However, poor management, a…

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