Facing up to untreated trauma

Some say it and other mental ills have been ignored too long

On February 27, Hope and Healing Counseling Services (HHCS) hosted a conversation entitled “Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma.” The event was moderated by Rev. Nekima Levy-Pounds and featured panelists Marques Armstrong, owner of HHCS; Dr. Peggy Elliott, author and counselor; and Rev. Dr. Brian Herron Sr. of Zion Baptist Church.

Rev. Nekima Levy-Pounds and featured panelists Marques Armstrong

Most of the discussion focused on the theme of trauma and the effects of trauma to individuals as well as to the community when trauma goes untreated. The panelists wasted no time getting to the point, saying the first step to breaking the mental health stigma is simply acknowledging it.

In the Black community, mental health has…

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