Faces of the Great Migration: Nanelle Due — ‘The Lord created us equally’ – News – Rockford Register Star

ROCKFORD — Nanelle Due is looking forward to the day when people of every race “realize all our blood is red.”

“Why do they even have to discuss racism now?” the 93-year-old asked in December from an armchair in her Rockford home. “(There) shouldn’t have to be any racism. We (are) all one. The Lord created us equally.”

Due grew up in Americus, Georgia, no stranger to the Jim Crow laws that governed her state and town. As a young adult, Due remembers, she wasn’t allowed to patronize the downtown hotel where she worked as a waitress. She once watched a little boy switch the signs on a set of segregated drinking fountains. The bus station she frequented had two waiting rooms, one for black people and one for white people.

“We just…

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