Exploring cyber-bullying and rape culture at South African universities

“Perpetrators get to live their best lives because the worst the university does is expel them. Survivors end up attending classes with their rapists. That is completely absurd.

“A lot more needs to be done in terms of safety on campus: in travel systems‚ unisex residences. A regulation needs to be out in place‚ not just for women but also gender non-conforming people‚ homosexuals‚ individuals. Lesbian women and gay people are targeted on campus‚ corrective rape happens all the time‚ we know this‚” Khanyile said.

In her view‚ the country’s violent past indicated that “something has happened to us as a country that we need to recover from. The violence in schools is shocking‚ teachers getting stabbed. It says a lot about who…

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