Exploring “African Galapagos” uncovers mysterious rare birds

It’s not called the “African Galapagos” for nothing. The island of São Tomé, off the west coast of central Africa, is truly one of a kind. For a start, it has a remarkable level of endemism for such a small island: 17 of its 50 bird species are confined to that island alone. It is also unusual in that it has no recorded human-driven bird extinctions – yet.

The island’s rugged landscape has protected its bird population from human influence, but this has proven a double-edged sword, making it difficult to survey the island. And it does need to be surveyed. Because, as every conservationist knows, knowledge is power. We can’t conserve a species unless we know where they live, which habitats they prefer, what’s threatening them and how many (or how few) there are.


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