Eight African & Middle Eastern tourism hotspots not to be missed – Travel Weekly

Africa is a destination you could holiday in every year and still only scrape the surface of what this incredible continent has to offer.

From mountains to rainforests, sand dunes and ancient wonders, there really is something for every traveller.

But don’t let that get you overwhelmed.

To keep any of your anxieties at bay about missing a must-see destination in Africa, Travel Weekly has done the hard work to find the Top 10 Travel Hotspots in Africa.

That’s right, we’ve done the Googling, now all you need to do is book.

Check out our top picks here.

1. Petra, Jordan

Often referred to as the “Rose City”, Petra is a 2,000-year-old network of handmade caves, temples, and tombs that interwoven into the side of a blushing pink sandstone cliff face.

This historic site cannot be…

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