East Texas school lights bonfire with effigy of opposing black player

For schools that hold bonfire “traditions”, here’s a quick tip: don’t add an effigy with a dark skin tone in an opposing jersey to the proceedings. It’s not going to go over well. In fact, maybe avoid the whole effigy of an opponent thing altogether? That has tended to backfire since the Trojan War.

Case in point: The apparent tradition of Van High School in East Texas to affix an effigy of their opponent’s best player to the top of their homecoming bonfire. This year Van faces off against Brownsboro, which is led by junior running back Keith Johnson, and sure enough, the 2018 Van homecoming bonfire had an effigy of a black player wearing number 8 right up top.

You can see the fire in question in the video above. After Van posted a video of the fire on its Facebook page, angry…

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