Earliest ever human drawings dating back 73,000 years found in African cave | World | News

The find – at Blombos Cave in the Southern Cape area of South Africa – predates previous drawings from Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia by at least 30,000 years.

The amazing discovery was made by archaeologist Dr Luca Pollarolo, of Witwatersrand University in South Africa, while he painstakingly sifted through thousands of similar flakes that were excavated from Blombos Cave in the lab.

Blombos Cave has been excavated by leading archaeologists Professor Christopher Henshilwood and Dr Karen van Niekerk since 1991.

It contains material dating from 100,000 to 70 000 years ago, a time period referred to as the Middle Stone Age, as well as younger, Later Stone Age material dating from 2,000 to 300 years ago.

Realising that the lines on the flake were unlike anything that the team had come across…

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