DRC: On the campaign trail in an African war zone | Africa | DW

Chrispin Mvano is on the campaign trail. Gasping for breath, he trudges up a hillside in sandals. The air thins out in the high mountains of his Masisi constituency in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The roads are steep and bumpy — certainly not easy terrain, concedes the 40-year-old candidate.

Mvano works as a journalist and also writes conflict analyses for international nongovernmental organizations. Sometimes he advises the United Nations mission in Congo.

In August, Mvano nominated himself as a candidate for parliament in his home district of Masisi, in the eastern province of North Kivu. Voters in DRC head to the polls on December 23 for an election that will also see the selection of a new president.

Finally peace for the Masisi people?

The district of Masisi, with its…

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